Chemical peels


Thu 26 May

At Park Gate

Half day PM (4pm-8pm)

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Wed 6 Jul

At Park Gate

Half day AM (10am-2pm)

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Course fee: £250 (deposit £100)

Resulting qualification: Cottage certificate accredited by ABT

Course information

Chemical Peels are a simple but very effective may of improving the health and appearance of your skin by removing dead skin cells, stimulating new cells and adding nourishment and hydration to the skin.

The result is a fresh brighter complexion improving the appearance of fine lines , improved skin tone & a more youthful appearance!

We use the CliniCare AHA/BHA range from 4tmedical which contain a mixture of glycolic, lactic & Salicylic acids and have a unique blender so that you can taylor the peel to suit your clients skin.



  • Skin anatomy & physiology, how the peels work
  • Indications for use – including areas of treatments
  • Differences in peel solutions and appropriate selection to suit the client
  • Effectiveness of treatment – including depth and post treatment skincare
  •  Contra-actions
  • Procedure
  • Appropriate combining of further treatment options
  • Skin analysis and pre-treatment considerations
  • Contraindications and cautions to treatment
  • Consenting clients
  • Aftercare

Entry Requirements:

A pre requisite of a level 3 qualification in Beauty Therapy or above is required in order to carry out  the skin peel training.

The minimum age for entry to the course is 18 years.

Small groups, maximum of 6

A model is required ( this can be arranged if you are not able to provide one)

This training is CPD accredited and certified by ABT.