FAQs & Information

Do you offer a discount for training?

As so many of you have returned to the centre to train I am pleased to share my loyalty discounts with you. The following explains the benefits to you:

  • Complete any course at the Cottage and you qualify for 10% off the tuition fees of  future courses.
  • Discounts available per person off tuition fees when two or more people book a course.
  • Discounts will be given to 2 or more courses booked together

Please note that these discounts do not apply to assessment fees and all original booking conditions apply.

What certification can I expect to receive?

The Cottage Training Centre is accredited by a professional body, the Guild of Beauty, massage and holistic Therapists and ABT We are also an approved VTCT centre and an approved trainer for 4tmedical. Anyone completing their training to a competent standard will automatically receive a Cottage Training Centre certificate. Please note that your tuition does not differ whichever path you choose. Practice is required after the majority of courses to ensure you feel confident. Assessment and registration costs are stated on each individual course page.

Some organisations and insurance companies such as FHT and AOR require VTCT qualifications, so please check that the qualification you choose is recognised by them.

Guild of beauty, Nail and Holistic Therapists & ABT

These professional bodies provide membership and insurance. They are recognised by employers, insurance companies and professionals in the UK. Their insurance will permit you to offer your qualification to members of the public. On completion of your training you will practice with friends and family and return to the centre to complete an assessment. To view more information on the Guild please click here and ABT https://abtinsurance.co.uk/Accreditation/Accreditation


VTCT is a national awarding body and offers certificates and diplomas for different subjects. Your final qualification will be recognised by employers, insurance companies and professionals worldwide. There are registration costs, assessment and certification fees to pay and these vary depending on the qualification you are studying. The lifetime registration fee is £16.00 and assessment costs range depending on the qualification. After you have completed your training you will complete case studies on friends and family and when you are feeling confident return to the centre to take written exams and three practical assessments. I issue all the paperwork required and guidance on the assessment procedure. Assessment days are held 2-3 days a month at the centre so you can choose a suitable date. Click here to find out more about VTCT.

** Please note that it is possible to convert your original certificate to a VTCT certificate at a later date. It will involve the exams and extra assessments so extra costs will naturally occur but as your tuition has all been to the correct standards you will not require extra teaching.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, a deposit is required to secure your place on the course. Once this is received all course details and material will be emailed to you.

To reserve a course place a non-refundable deposit is required, the amount of deposit is shown for each course.

Deposits are non transferable or refundable if you are unable to attend the course. Exceptions will be made in extreme cases.

Can I pay for my course in instalments? 

The balance of the course and assessment fees on one day courses are payable in full on the training day in cash, debit card or bank transfer.

On courses of more than two days duration an instalment system is available. Your remaining balance will be equally divided and monies paid before the last date of attendance. (This does not include the assessment day) If you withdraw before the end of the course all outstanding monies must be paid in full at the time of withdrawal.

Can I cancel my course and receive a full refund?

If a course is cancelled by you the deposit will not be refundable as stated above.

Course fees will not be refunded if a course is not attended.

Do you accept cheques for payment?

We are not able to accept cheques, payments can be made by cash, bank transfer or debit/credit cards

Will I be charged if I cannot attend an assessment date?

Booked assessments will incur a £30.00 cancellation fee. Assessments are confirmed 2 weeks prior.

Could the course get cancelled?

The Cottage Training Centre will only ever cancel or reschedule in an emergency situation or of the trainer is unwell. If this is the case a refund of course fees paid will be offered to the student if no other date is suitable.

Can I take pictures or film my training?

Yes as long as other students and models are happy with this.