Mon - Fri : 09:30 - 5:30, Some Sat & Eve
216 Barnes Lane, Sarisbury green, Nr Southampton, SO317BG

Terms & Conditions

1. To reserve a course place a non-refundable deposit of £50.00 is required for all courses/workshops under £150.00 and a non-refundable deposit of £100.00 for all courses over £150.00 plus the completed enrolment form.

2. Course places are limited and can not be guaranteed. It is advisable to contact the Cottage Training Centre to check availability prior to enrolment.

3. The balance of the course and assessment fees on one day courses are payable in full on the training day in cash or by debit card.

4. On courses of more than two days duration an instalment system is available. Your remaining balance will be equally divided and monies paid before the last date of attendance. (This does not include the assessment day) If you withdraw before the end of the course all outstanding monies must be paid in full at the time of withdrawal.

5. Course cancellations must be put in writing 4 weeks before the course start date. Course material will have been prepared and applied for and your reservation confirmed, therefore a cancellation fee of £50.00 will be incurred on one day courses, £120 on two day courses, and £180 on three day courses. Courses over three days will incur a fee of £400. After this date full course cost will be incurred.

6. If you fail to attend a confirmed course (includes payment of a deposit) or complete a course for any reason, no refunds will be made nor will you be entitled to transfer your course training to a later date. You would have to re-enrol incurring the full costs.

7. We are not able to accept cheques, payments can be made by cash, bank transfer or debit/credit cards

8.  Booked assessments will incur a £30.00 cancellation fee.

9. The “Cottage Training Centre” reserves the right to decline the application of a student. It is the student’s responsibility to check the information regarding a course and ensure that it is suitable. If extra advice and tuition is required payment based on an hourly rate will be charged.

10. If an assessment is made non-competent by the Assessor a further assessment date can be booked at a fee of £30.00. You will receive clear and constructive feedback on the area/s that requires more practice.

11. In certain circumstances “The Cottage Training Centre” may need to cancel or reschedule a course. This could occur due to insufficient numbers or an emergency situation. If this is the case a refund of course fees paid will be offered to the student if a no other date is suitable.

12. All materials (includes videos and DVDS) issued prior to, during and after your course remain the property of “The Cottage Training Centre” with regard to copyright, design and tuition format. No copies of course material or usage other than for the student learning must be made.

13. Health, Safety and Security is strictly adhered to at “The Cottage Training Centre” and all students are required to comply, uphold and abide by the regulations to maintain professionalism.

14. Your course fees entitle you to course tuition, hand outs, resource packs and use of equipment and products relating to your training. There will be a charge for any other resources supplied by the centre.

15. A charge of 2% is made on all credit card transactions.